Billing Solutions provides Colorado a dependable and simple web-based medicaid billing solution.
Finally, a billing solution for your practice that offers the quality services you trust.

The Advantage

Our track record speaks for itself by using our services, clients have increased their revenues by obtaining maximum reimbursement while allowing to spend more of their time caring for the elderly and disabled residents.

Reduction of Overhead

Internal resources are limited and you must rely on experienced medicaid billing specialists to process claims. Our knowledgeable, certified, and experienced coders strive to obtain the highest level of reimbursement in the shortest amount of time possible.

Faster Reimbursement

Wrong coding and billing errors delay reimbursement and require resources to resolve issues. Our electronic claims, swift processing, and fast reimbursement strategies enhance cash flow and reduce days in accounts receivable.

Guaranteed Reasonable Rates

We guarantee you a reasonable rate for our services.